Shungite: A miracle stone benefiting our health in so many ways.

Shungite: A miracle stone benefiting our health in so many ways.

It is well known that, in the past, the use of stones was only limited to weapons, building, and baking purposes. But gradually, our ancestors began exploring stones for their incredible benefits like healing, health benefits, and energy balancing. One such stone that is consistently being explored for its amazing health benefits is shungite.

Ounce for ounce shungite is even more valuable than gold. These days, the shungite market is growing at exponential rates. Everyone seems to want shungite, not essentially for its magnificence, nor its economic value, you may be amazed to listen, nor to make an investment – but only for its unbelievable health advantages!

What is shungite?

Shungite is a black colored stone that has originated its name from a Russian village named Shunga. Its composition is unique and contains around all the minerals. The unique molecule in its composition is fullerene (a buckyball), which is a sphere of 60 carbon atoms. It is a two billion-year-old stone, even before the existence of organic life on this planet.


The astonishing properties of shungite are usually attributed to its fullerenes content. It can improve the regenerative power of human tissues and greatly impacts the exchange of neurotransmitters that helps a person to relieve his stress. Fullerenes are effective in even trace amounts and give long-lasting benefits.

Its health applications in different illnesses include:

Cardiovascular illness

Kidney disease

Liver infections

Pancreatic disease

Gastritis and dyspepsia

Gallbladder issues.

Anemia and asthma

Allergic reactions– as anti-histamine

Arthritis condition– as an anti-inflammatory


How is Shungite beneficial for our body?

Shungite stone has the potential to boost the immune system of a person and works as a natural antioxidant. But with that said, it is not meant for all types of shungite as it comes in different grades of carbon content. The higher carbon content it has, the more health benefits it will give. Drinking water infused with shungite can benefit our cells and tissues by neutralizing free-radicals due to its antioxidant properties.

According to several energy therapists, Shungite stone adds incredible healing power in the water along with its purification that is helpful in keeping our body energized and stable. Try to use the highest grade of shungite- Elite shungite to purify your drinking water to get the most out of it.

Shungite is believed to kill and destroy everything that could be harmful to humans or any other living thing and helps to recover all that is good for our mental and physical health. In short, it’s a miracle, a stone of life.

Grades of shungite

There are three classes of shungite based on its grade of carbon content.

Type I Shungite (Elite or Noble Shungite):

This is the purest form of shungite having semi-metallic luster and is very rare to find. This is hard to be cut and shaped in any other form. The carbon content makes around 98% of this stone. Fullerenes are also comparatively high in the Elite form of shungite. This Elite form makes only 1% of the total shungite and is very expensive.

Type II Shungite (Black Shungite):

This is a comparatively less pure form having semi-dull luster, and carbon content makes around 50-70 percent of this stone. It can be mold into different forms and finds its applications in jewelry and sculpture making.

Type III Shungite (Gray Shungite):

This is the impure form of shungite, having a gray color with dull or matte luster. It has a very less carbon content of around 30-50 percent. Fullerenes are also comparatively lower in this form.

What is Petrovsky Shungite? 

Petrovsky shungite consists of 70% to 80% of the carbon that is higher than regular shungite (around 30%), but, certainly, less than the Elite or noble shungite (up to 98%). It has a silver color with a metallic sheen that gives a good shine under sunlight. It derives its name from Russia’s Peter the Great. The history of Petrovsky Shungite is quite long and is brimming with incredible stories and legends. There are records available on its use by people even before the times of Peter the Great. An old tale claims that, in the 18th century, Royals in Russia used Petrovsky shungite stones to purify water for soldiers during the war with Sweden.

How Petrovsky Shungite differs from regular shungite?

Petrovsky shungite comes under the category of type II shungite and is valuable owing to its higher percentage of carbon (about 75%) and glossy black colour. Type III or regular shungite usually contains 30-50% carbon and is the most abundant form. All the molded stuff of shungite you see, like pyramids, spheres, jewelry, etc., are prepared using regular shungite since it accounts for the biggest portion of shungite found in Karelia and can be molded and polished. The Petrovsky shungite is most popular among other types II and type III or regular shungite as it is pretty close to Type I Elite or noble shungite with regards to carbon quantity and crystal energy; however, it is not so brittle. Thus, Petrovsky shungite can be molded into different shapes and polished to design trendy jewelry items that will bring peace and strength into your life.


How to use shungite to protect ourselves from harmful 5G radiation 

Nowadays, shungite is widely employed in multiple sectors, including the agriculture industry, medicine, and spiritual exercises, among many more. The well-known characteristic of shungite that is the reason behind its popularity is its ability to purify water and provide protection from electromagnetic fields (EMF) and 5G radiations (also known as millimeter waves or MMW), which abundantly surrounds us.

Here comes the part of how to use this stone effectively. Well! You can simply place Shungite rocks deliberately throughout your home, car, and offices. You do not need to replace it regularly after some time, as a little stone can go a long way. You can even carry it in your bag or wear it as jewelry to benefit your body from its healing powers. Try to put some shungite rocks near electronic items like Wi-Fi routers and microwave ovens to neutralize the emitting EMF. If you are still doubtful, then you can buy an EMF reader to monitor the results. It’s worth giving a shot!

How beneficial are shungite infused facial oils and facial tonners?

Owing to shungite’s fullerenes content, this black stone holds incredible purifying, cleansing, and detoxifying powers. Applying a product infused with shungite topically can draw all of the negativity, toxins, and electromagnetic energy from the skin of your body to physically and mentally purify you!

Facial oils and tonners infused with shungite stone are helpful in deeply cleansing and refreshing the face and neck skin, along with reduced peeling and redness of the skin. They improve the cell membrane’s strength by shielding them from the adverse effects of free radicals with strong antioxidant properties. Shungite facial oils also help to prevent the premature aging of the skin. With their regular use, the skin colour is improved, and the skin becomes more elastic and smooth. You will find a small shungite stone inside the bottle. Do not throw it in the waste bin. You can remove and rinse that small stone and carry it in your pocket or purse to get positive energy from it.

Did you find this blog helpful in exploring this incredible stone? If you are still having queries regarding shungite, then let me know below in the comment section. I will be happy to answer them!






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